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PostPosted: Sat Feb 04, 2017 2:36 pm

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We’ve lived here nearly twelve years and last month was the roughest water I can remember. One storm after another and one big wave event after another. It really was difficult to find breaks in the weather to go fishing - but I know we need the rain so I won’t complain too much. Also, when the big wave events happen, the fish often move off-shore to safer water and it takes some time for them to move back in. Sometimes, there weren’t enough days in-between the waves for the fish to move in. And then, there is the chocolate colored water...... Some fish bite by sight and movement and that wasn’t happening. Even when I did get out there, I had to fish longer and harder to come home with dinner. But, I did manage to get some suicidal fish to bite.

One of the other disadvantages of all this rain is that it has been hard to get down to my fishing spots. Not hard getting down because you can just slide down the mud, but more difficult getting back up. A lot of the bluffs have eroded and there is lots of mud down at the bottom.

One thing that has been different this winter is that I have been able to catch some small smelt - but nobody wants to bite on it. Normally, a nice chunk of fresh smelt would get me bit for sure. Had to fall back on the dependable frozen squid. Also, I depended on cabs more than I would normally do. I target grass rockfish. Lots of things to think about this last month.

January 6
A nice cab made some curried cab with coconut milk.

January 14

January 15

January 17

January 25
We like fish cakes and fried rice.

January 31

The fish are out there. You just have to fish harder and be very more careful on the Central Coast.

"Mrs. Kittyfish, we'll just drive up to one more point, it's just a couple miles further, and look at the rocks. No more, I promise"
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