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>> Macadamia Crusted halibut with coconut curry bcooney [topic: previous/next]
PostPosted: Sun Jul 20, 2008 10:34 pm
Ken Jones

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Posted by bcooney

Macadamia Crusted halibut with coconut curry

1 1/4 lb fresh halibut cut into 4 filets
7 oz roasted macadamia nuts
2 tbl flour plus
1/2 cup flour for dredging fish
1 x egg beaten with 2tbl water
1/3 tsp cayenne
4 tbl butter (clarified butter is necessary if cooking large quantities)
1 can coconut milk - (14 oz)
1 tbl peanut oil
1 tbl Taste of Thai Red Curry Paste (start with less, then taste to adjust - it is hot!)
1/2 cup Major Grey Chutney large chunks
chipped fine
1 x fresh mango peeled, seeded,
and diced small
2 tbl finely-sliced fresh cilantro (to 3 tbspns)
Method :
* Combine nuts and 2 tablespoons flour in food processor, pulsing so as not to overchop and become sticky. Beat cayenne into egg with a fork. Dredge filet first in flour, then egg, then nuts - pressing nuts onto fish. Refrigerate breaded fish while starting sauce.
* Heat 2 tablespoons peanut oil in a heavy saucepan. Add curry paste and cook one minute, whisking. Add coconut milk and chutney, bring to a boil. Boil lightly till milk is reduced to 1/2 its original volume or to desired thickness. Turn heat off and cover to keep warm.
* Melt butter in large saute pan over medium heat. Add halibut till deep golden brown, turn to brown other side. If filets are very thick, place in 400 degree oven for 8 minutes after browning to finish cooking.
* Just before fish is done, add chopped mango and cilantro to sauce. Serve sauce over fish sprinkled with a little more cilantro for color interest and perhaps a whole cilantro leaf.
Serve with Jasmine Rice.
* This recipe yields 4 servings.

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