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PostPosted: Tue May 20, 2008 9:36 am

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i'm surprised i do still fish.

my sister's been back in town since march since getting her degree from udubb. she's a local girl at heart, who despite my affinity for fishing and surfing, probably loves the beach more than anyone in my family. unfortunately, most of her weekends have been spent apartment/house shopping in the east bay trying to relieve her of the san jose-berkeley daily commute. with my wife finally off this weekend and the weather being cooperative with their need to tan, we made plans early to hit the beach.

if i was the planner, we definitely would have hit the road early, but since i was neither the planner nor the driver (thankfully) we finally hit the road at 1015am. much to my surprise other than the typical struggling cars up 17, there was relatively no traffic and we made it there in quick time. fortunately, the beach wasn't too crowded yet and the 1-3' Hawaiian beach break minus the power was enough to keep most of the population on the shore/shorebreak.

i've been itching to surf recently (haven't really surfed since i got married almost 4! years ago) so i had with me a couple of bodyboards but made sure to bring a fanny pack's worth of grubs and metals to arm my 9' clarus and daiwa viento. it was my sister's fj cruiser so i was very much confined to limited space. the surf sort of dictated a need for longer pole, something my cabela's predator would have been more suited. but i had to play the cards i was dealt. small trunk space.

the waves closed out pretty much the whole span, but there was some fun ones to be had. a nice drop to a pretty good sized closeout barrel. i decided to surf a bit first so i brought out the 4/3 wetsuit and fins to take my bodyboard out. i lined up with the unmanned lifeguard tower about 20-30yds out. here's the interesting stuff: the current was pushing us north wards but never out to sea. it was pushing the sand too, so the take off spots changed by the minute., one second i'd lineup with a purple umbrella next a rainbow one. slight rips through out, and i mean slight. the rips were real light and from our pseudo lineup areas you could see the ripples . you could easily confuse from shore the rip with the slight onshore blowing. the lineup gave a nice different angle to perception. no limu! a friend of mine fished a bit north a week ago and said the salad was impossible. i did see some small jellyfishs here and there. not the blue ones but actual brown suckers. i also saw sand crabs. lots of them. i saw little kids continually digging at shore for them. last, behind the outside "set" some bird action. not a big group, but some diving going on. a surfer friend of mine has been reporting big bait balls a few miles south of me. also of note, as we drove in i notice one fisherman packing up. i went up to him and asked how he did. it was a fly guy and he said he did okay for perch, but they were a little deep but the spinning guys were killing em.

i surfed surprisingly for two hours which my body is painfully relieving now a few days later. the shifting takeoff spots and the relatively weak break made it hard to drop down and when i did, i usually saw some kids or machismo sans wetsuit in my way. i almost ran over one group because i wanted that close out at the end. a nice last wave.

well, onto the fishing. i wasnt sure if josh was coming with us so i only packed for one. the viento has been a nice reel in the arsenal especially on the boat, and especially for halibuts in socal. the hoping action is something else. not sure how it would translate to the beach tho. so i brought it along for a nice perch action. it's drag has been swapped out with carbon and i've maintained the fw reel for salt pretty well. anyways, josh had to be back in san jo at 430, so i didnt have much time to fish. so while he stayed in the water i geared up and headed abit south in front of the houses to toss a few metals near where i saw some bird action. i elected to tie on a 3/4oz silver and blue kastmaster. i'm not sure what the birds were diving for, but the silver shine works best in the sun. i knew i was playing with danger tho, my mainline was 8# original p-line for the relative thinnest line i know and my leader was the same albeit in pline fluoro. for the rough shorebreak, my line was gonna take a beating. i found a nice v cut in the shorebreak right in front of a nice peeling right. wish i had the energy to paddle out now (i love dk-ing rights). in between sets there was a slight northward bend to the rip so i tried to cast right a bit north of the end so it would make a nice slash once it hit inside the rip. at only 3/4oz the KM had a hard time hitting bottom and really was getting roughed up in the shorebreak, but i definitely felt little taps as i brought it near shore. the wind was picking up a little turning the waves into one long closeout. i was able to sidecast my viento tho under the off and on wind. i wasn't getting much distance behind the waves tho so after maybe 6 or 7 casts i was sure that i was far enough for perch so i was ready to switch up to a grub when... my last cast with the KM was over a small shorebreak wave in front of a slow peeling but nice right abt 20 yrds off shore. i let the wave roll over it til there was a nice flat section in between where the rip cut thru so i tried to reel in quick stop quick stop. on the final stop about 10 yds out i get hit pretty convincingly. i set the hook "tv emphatic" and its a small tug of war with very little run and head shakes. surprisingly i get very little crowd who opted to give me space during the fight. but josh sees the bend of my rod elects to quickly paddle southward to see wassup. by the time i'm getting into shore, having the shorebreak help with the beaching, josh is ashore and picking up the fish with his webbed gloves.

a weak 22" striper. a weak 22" striper. a weak 22" striper. a weak 22" striper. a weak 22" striper. a weak 22" striper.

that's still considerably less times i had to say what the fish was to the beach folks. small treble hooked right on the lips.

being my sister's car and my oversaturation of grilled stripers i proceed with the release much to the disdain of the mob. no " can you give it to me" questions but rather" are they not good eating?". tourists. the fish knew it was lucky because when he saw josh walking back out with it, she wriggled free and set her self loose.

eventually after the excitement, josh decided he was over surfing, and i wanted to end the day with that one, so we decided to walk back to camp. i casted a few more times until (luckily now and not then) my mainline breaks i think right before my leaderknot and i donate a used KM to the sea.
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PostPosted: Tue May 20, 2008 11:20 am

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Great story. I'm thinking of heading out there to the pier soon.
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PostPosted: Tue May 20, 2008 3:21 pm

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Great report!
If only you gave more details LOL.
Thanks man.

Oh I'm sorry, I thought this was America?! hahaha
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