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PostPosted: Thu Aug 11, 2005 10:07 am

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(cross posted from my reply on main board)
I am an extremely strong believer in spoons of all sizes for all fish. I've caught my biggest stealhead on a spoon. I've caught my biggest striper on one. I've caught my biggest saltwater salmon on a spoon. I've caught my biggest freshwater salmon on yup, you guessed it, a spoon. I've caught my biggest lingcod on a jiggin' spoon. I caught my only halibut (it was a short though) on a spoon.My biggest trout- yup, another spoon. My biggest largemouth you ask? A spoon. And thats just my list.

Spoons are extremely effective in many conditions. They are very good for covering a lot of water quickly because they trigger bites well so you can be satisfied with fan casting all around a spot once or twice and moving twenty feet or however long it takes and repeating. They are also good for sight casting- just move down to a slightly smaller spoon usually, cast five feet beyond the fish you are targetting, let it sink to the desired depth, and reel it righ infront of their face.

Here are a few of my favorite spoons-

Acme's Little Cleo

This is my go to lure. Although the design isn't patented (those of you who build your own lures can get just the blades at [URL="http://www.staminainc.com/"]www.staminainc.com[/URL]) it remains on of the best designs to date. Its wide roundish shape with a large hump towards the back gives it the best fluttering, irratic motion out of most spoons IMHO. They come in sizes 1/8oz-1 1/4oz so there is a spoon for every situation in this line up. Acme also makes them in a variety of colors, but my favorite are gold,silver, and blueandsilver. You can switch the treble hook out on these lures to a single siwash, but I've been happy in most situations with the treble.

You can buy them online at Cabela's-Acme Little CleoŽ Spoons

Acme Kastmaster Single-hook Bucktail

The Kastmaster is the most used lure for stripers on the west coast, and there is a reason for it- it works! 1 1/2oz is the size I use most, though a lot of people like the added distance that they can get with the 2oz model. The kastmaster has an attractive side to side motion. The bucktail adds to it, and I think that the single hook on this size lure actually increases your hook-ups. Although they do come in blue or green mackerel, silver and blue and silver are the standard colors. This lure is also a known halibut catcher, and I have caught a few lingcod jigging on off of an UFO[unidtenified floating object Razz].

Here's the link to them at Cabela's Kastmaster Bucktail Single-hook Spoon
or, if you trying to save a penny or tight on the wallet like me you can purchase Cabela's knock off dressed casting spoon in 1 1/2oz. Only difference is that it is a treble not a single hook.

Luhr-Jensen Krocodile Spoons

The Krocodile is another fairly standard saltwater (and fresh) lure. Depending on the size you can catch mackerel, bonito, striped bass, perch (its been done, 1/4 lure size), halibute, etc. It's wiggle is kinda a mixture of the kastmaster and the littl cleo, though not exactly. The chrome/silver prism is the best color to fish, though depending on conditions it can very. These work well with a medium retrieve. I have only fished with them a few times so I can't give the best summary.

You can get them online at Bass Pro- Krocodile Spoons

Buzz Bomb Baits

A lot of people swear by these lures- here's G-dudes short write-up and I'm sure he can elaborate:

"The 3" ones are around 1 ounce. The 4" are an ounce and a half. The 4" wide are around 2 ounces.

The lure itself vibrates as it's pulled through the water. It's much like a slip sinker. You thread your line through the center (12 - 15 lb test mono for 4") then through a small rubber stop washer and then the supplied treble hook. There are no bearings or noise makers. I can't be sure but I think the vibrations come from vortex shedding caused by the flow over abrupt edges on the lure. So this lure wobbles, but really tightly.

I retrieve it using a fast jerk-crank-jerk-crank.... I add a pause to allow it to fall deeper, or to slow the over all retrieve down, but I always jerk the lure fast. I use this with 30 - 50lb super braid and it you can feel the buzzing as you jerk it. I'm sure fish from all over will feel this lure along their lateral line sensors as you pull it through the water."

I believe his favorite color is the "blue pearl" which is crome with the blue stripe.

Here's the link to them on cabela's Buzz Bomb Baits

Daredevil Genuine Spoons

Need a different color spoon than what most offer? As you can see, daredevils are the way to go. Need a different size spoon? Daredevils are the way to go as they range from 3/16oz all the way up to 3 1/4oz in weight. A lot of old timers really love this spoon, perhaps because its been around a long time. Its well balanced as well.

Cabela's has them- heres the link Daredevil Spoons

I hope all that helps and is usefull, and I also hope that all my php worked. I wish you could use html on here. Mods, as always, do you duty and delete if necessary.
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PostPosted: Thu Aug 11, 2005 11:37 pm

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this is cool info.

should i use heavier pound test line with these big spoons? I have a 3/4oz kastmaster on my 12# test using a baitcaster and it seems already heavy although it casts well. I'm afraid to go up to 1oz, I might whiplash it or lack control.
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PostPosted: Fri Aug 12, 2005 8:33 am

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Knock-Off spoon blanks can also be purchased cheap at www.staminainc.com along with all of the hooks, dressed hooks, split rings, etc.
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PostPosted: Fri Aug 12, 2005 9:26 am

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To pinfish- 12 pound test should be fine for 1oz- it might even give you better accuracy- but if you having sucess with 3/4, go for it! Just make sure it has a dressed hook because that is important.

To dsrtegl- staminainc.com is a great resource and I think I mentioned it. Jann's Netcraft is also good, but there webpage doesn't run on firefox.
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