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>> Baja Bass becomes Rockfish Ranchera [topic: previous/next]
PostPosted: Sun Dec 14, 2008 3:12 pm

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I haven't made this dish in a long time. The other day when I was out fishing, the recipe popped into my mind. When I lived in So Cal, I made this with kelp bass, but since relocating on the Central Coast, I use rockfish. I would rather catch a kelp bass, but I would rather eat a kelp rockfish. So, the name went from Baja Bass to Rockfish Ranchera.
I started out by dicing a couple of filets into small bite sized pieces. Salt and pepper, then mixed some orange, mango, peach juice (better than just orange)with a couple tsps of frozen orange concentrate. I don't like lemon or lime - seem too strong to me, but I do like the orange. Marinate fish about 2 hours. Drained and reserved marinade. Also diced up a ripe tomato, salt and pepper, thyme and olive oil. Let the tomato marinate separately.

Since the tomato was very ripe, I didn't want to cook it because it would turn into tomato sauce, so used the marinated tomato to top off the dish.
Next step: Chop up any veggies that you like. I used sweet onion, zucchini, red bell pepper, chopped garlic (to your taste - I used four cloves) and a few mushrooms. I like about 50/50 vegetable to fish. Saute in olive oil.

When the veggies start to wilt, throw in the drained fish. Cook on medium heat. Just before fish is done (two or three minutes), add the reserved marinade, a little chicken broth and some El Pato tomato sauce (Salsa de chile fresco) to taste. Mrs. Kitty fish likes a low heat level, so I added just enough of the spicy tomato sauce to make the sauce pink. Also added a handful of cilantro and a dash of oregano. If you like more heat, serve more of the tomato sauce at the table. I wanted enough sauce to serve this over rice, so add the chicken broth and other liquids with that in mind.

I served this over rice that was cooked with a tsp of caldo de pollo (chicken bouillon) in the water.

Served it with fruit. It was good! Also, had a little left over and it reheated well the next day.
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PostPosted: Tue Dec 16, 2008 2:48 pm

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SWEET, i will try this one for suuuuuuuure!

thanks FD.... btw, have you tried this with lingcod?, i bet it would be gooooood

Punish tourists.
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