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PostPosted: Mon Oct 10, 2005 9:09 pm

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Went by myself today on the New Huck Finn with Capt. Jay fishing the outer edge of the Pimple. We had full limits of rockfish and lingcod to 16lbs. by 1:00. Most of the lings were caught on sandabs and the others on iron (6+ oz.) Easy limits of blues and olives for everybody (shrimpflys and iron (1-4oz.) with the nice sized ones hitting 20"+. I caught 7 lings to 28'' all except one on sandabs (the other on a 12oz. hex bar). An odd thing I noticed when we fish the Pimple is that we catch a lot of only shaker lingcod that look almost red (deep brown/burgandy) and with first hand experience, they are a little more fiesty than their blueish or brown cousins...
Upon my return, there was a rod on my bed (I later found it was given to me by a friend of my dad's) which was wrapped by John Lamiglas in the early 1990's...cool stuff man...
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