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>> Central Coast December 2017 [topic: previous/next]
PostPosted: Sat Jan 13, 2018 2:57 pm

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Location: SLO County

Seems odd, but I fish more in December each year than any other month. There are off-shore conditions that bring good water and weather on many December days. Some of the best weather on the Central Coast is is December. But you still have to watch the forecasts and choose your days. The biggest waves of the year are usually in January, so that is another reason to get out and fish in December. This is also the time of year when I will get some extra fish to freeze for the coming rough water days. We like to eat our fish fresh and I usually only catch enough that we can eat in one week, except I know whatís coming in January.

12/7: I bumped into some old friends at my first spot. Took some pictures of the egrets then fished a couple of hours in this spot for nothing. I moved to a shallower spot that was more protected and that was the right call. I got three nice rockfish - all on fresh smelt. They turned into some nice fish poíboys.

12/11: Got out again on the 11th. On the first cast, I got a decent grass rockfish and then again, no more bites until I moved twice. Happened to find a spot with some nice black and yellows. I was surprised because it was low tide by then and I didnít expect any black and yellows on low tide. Mrs Kittyfish will be happy as her favorite meals are black and yellows.

12/12: The forecast was for really calm seas so I decided to try one of my deeper spots. It was a rarity that I spent all day on one spot. I moved from rock to rock buy didnít move to a different area. I caught a grassie from one rock, a black and yellow from another..... Nothing big, but nice eating size for two dinners. Iím still catching some smelt and the fish are still biting on them.

12/19: Another typical day - bite here, a bite there. Moving around, casting to different spots. If you stick with it and fish hard enough, eventually you will connect. Caught two nice fish - a grassie and a cab. It seems like if I catch just one or two fish, they are a better size, a little bigger - two meals out of two fish. When I catch more in a spot, they tend to be smaller.

12/20: I forgot my camera, so just have the fish in the ice chest. I am finally starting to catch some cabs that are moving into some shallower water during the winter. The smelt are getting harder to catch so I am bringing along some frozen squid to make sure I have enough bait. The cabs seem to prefer the squid over the smelt. Both cabs were caught at low tide and the rockfish was caught at high tide.

12/28: Took off for a few days to try fishing a different area. Iíve fished here before, but donít get there very often. The water can be rough so you have to watch for good conditions. The first day I caught a nice cab, a couple of black and yellows and a greenling. I usually catch a greenling about once or twice a year. This was it - my end of the year greenling.

12/29: The last fishing day of the year - I actually stopped fishing because I had plenty of fish. Some to eat and some for the freezer. It was a surprise and a treat to catcha 25Ē ling from shore. It was an interesting spot because you couldnít see any rocks, but at low tide you can see the kelp that attaches to them, so you know the rocks are there. And I was able to catch that ling just as my wife was walking up, so I could show off a little.

12/30: Havenít had fishcakes for awhile or seafood chowder.

End of the year thought: Youíve heard it before, but you canít just fish from one spot all day if you want to catch fish. If you arenít catching anything - move. Iíve had trips where Iíve caught a couple of nice fish in an hour and other trips where I was out there from sun-up to sundown, moving around. You also have to scout around your area at low tide, so you know where to move.

"Mrs. Kittyfish, we'll just drive up to one more point, it's just a couple miles further, and look at the rocks. No more, I promise"
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PostPosted: Sun Jan 14, 2018 8:04 pm

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Location: sonoma coast

Great report Mr Dog. Way to go pulling in that Ling on the last trip of the year! I wish I had that good of a December. You killed it. Thanks for the read
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PostPosted: Mon Jan 15, 2018 5:16 pm
Salty Nick v2

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Great fishing, Walt! Some nice eating there.

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 15, 2018 9:07 pm

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Location: San Francisco

Always look forward to your reports! Those fish were all beautiful. How big was that larger cab you caught in the picture in the cooler?

Those rocks that you casted to in order to nab that ling, were they pretty far from shore? Or did the spot you fished from jut out enough to give you good elevation to cast from? I always find it difficult to fish deeper spots where I see rocks and vegetation if I can't find higher ground to cast from.

Catch & cook. No time for selfies.
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PostPosted: Mon Jan 15, 2018 9:50 pm

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Location: San Francisco Bay Area & Fresno

An inspiring, informative, and fun post as always. Those are some really great fish. I think I need to also take your advice and change spots more often when I'm down at the rocks, too.
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