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>> Los vaqueros reservoir report. [topic: previous/next]
PostPosted: Sun Sep 24, 2017 5:09 pm

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Took my son Greyson and his buddy Dylan today to Los vaqueros. Arrived at 9am and fished till 3pm. We caught a total of 4 shaker stripers between 15-17.5 inches. The kids were a little bummed none of them made the cut. They did have a blast and worked well as a team. One would reel
while the other netted the fish, and then they would switch out for the next one. It was fun watching them catch those fish.

Those stripers are hardy fish. The first fish we caught was dragging two lures and a 2oz pyramid weight. Can't see how he was still eating let alone living. We freed him up and sent him on his way. Forgot to get a pic of him with all his jewelry before I let him go.

Great day out there. Windy but nice. Sunny all day.

Total for us: 4 shaker stripers. 2 or 3 bites that did not stick. fished just south of the rock wall by the visitor center.

Those around us had no luck but spoke to a guy who caught a
few near the enxtrance to sought xove.

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