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>> La La Land Lights for the Hermosa Beach Pier? [topic: previous/next]
PostPosted: Mon Apr 03, 2017 2:23 pm
Ken Jones

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Michael Hixon, The Beach Reporter, Jan 12, 2017

Councilmember Jeff Duclos thinks the movie "La La Land" casts a "new light" on Hermosa Beach. So much so, that at Tuesday's City Council meeting, he directed staff, backed by the council, to look into replicating the lamp posts from the movie and have them installed on the pier permanently.

The Hermosa Beach Pier, as well as the historic Lighthouse Cafe, is featured prominently in the Oscar favorite musical “La La Land.” Ryan Gosling was filmed on the pier in a song and dance number under the bright lights of vintage-looking lamp posts installed by the studio.

“You should see it once a day,” Duclos told the Council about “La La Land.” “It's an inspiring movie, it's a very positive movie. It presents Hermosa Beach in just the best possible light.”

There is a check list of improvements needed at the pier, including lighting, and the city has funds budgeted toward capital improvements related to the pier. Duclos feels those improvements have “elevated itself to a priority” with the release of “La La Land.”
“For us, I think it would be silly not to look at this as a unique opportunity,” said Duclos in an interview Wednesday. “This is an opportunity to fulfill some expectations for people when they come to Hermosa Beach in terms of what they think they're going to see. Our pier basically is pretty nondescript, I think you would have to admit. It wasn't always so, but that's the way it is now ... how do we make our pier distinct again? It would attract people to the city, it has economic value long term and it's a look that’s very compelling.”

Duclos added that the idea didn't start with him. It came from people in the community, including Dency Nelson, a Directors Guild of America member, who called the film a “love note” to Los Angeles as well as Hermosa Beach.
“There are a lot of us in the community who would like to see those art production lamp posts that were there just for the film permanently installed, perhaps in place of what we have,” said Nelson at Tuesday's meeting.

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