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>> Egg Sinker Modification Tip/Hack - (plagiarized) [topic: previous/next]
PostPosted: Tue Jun 02, 2015 7:27 am

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Hey guys, I saw this on another board and thought I would share here. I just quoted the original post,copied and pasted it here. I did it to 4 1 oz egg sinkers, in roughly 2 minutes. Minus the white paint, as I didn't see the need.

[QUOTE=tunamaster;3726]Egg Sinker Modification
I use the lighter lines of linen lines 2-10lb for surf fishing or fresh water fishing aka Berkley nano or mono lines.
And when using a Caroline rig set up I started noticing a shafting of the line within the
First ten feet and increase break offs.
Until a friend of mine told me that the line was being worn down by the surf surge at the
Sliding egg sinker and the long casting and he told me this secret to fix it.
You insert a short piece of plastic straw (the kind you get from the wd40 cans) into the egg
sinker hole then heat the ends with a lighter or hair dry to flange out the tube on both
Sides check for sharp ends and your ready to go fishing. Here is a picture of the finish product
I also paint my sinkers white so that I can spot them during a long cast

Ok, so I made up a few more egg sinkers and found out that not all egg sinkers are made with the same size center hole and not all straws are made with the same outer diameter.
So i had to drill out the sinker center hole with the matching drill size to make it work, you lose a little weight but its worth it.
Also swizzle sticks that you stir your coffee with work great, the red ones.
So save your swizzle sticks and wd40 straws and get to work on this great raining day Mod.
Get a big one[/QUOTE][img][/img]
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PostPosted: Tue Jan 24, 2017 1:55 pm

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Great tip! I see a number of makers of tungsten worm weights adding in a similar plastic tube for the same reason. Makes sense to me as I'm always worried about rough parts running up on my braided main line and fraying it when I'm fishing a Carolina rig.
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