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Here's info I shared PM with another angler.

Posted by Santa
on Sep-30-07 12:50pm

(In reply to: Batray filets+Beer batter+Deep fry = YUM!!!! posted by Santa on Sep-29-07 10:38pm)

As soon as I took pics I split skull with knife to kill and start bleeding ray. Next I removed wings from high on body, (fact, I cut into body cavity) with a heavy sharp knife because it allowed me to then trim just enough body cartilage/ribs off to find the mid-wing cartilage plate without losing a bunch of meat guessing. After washing/scrubbing off slime and color, I sliced filets from top and bottom of mid-wing cartilage plate, then iced em down in cooler til next morn. when I could spend some time on em at home. I found it easier to remove skin if I sliced wing filets into 3-4" wide strips along the grain of the meat (outward toward tip), then laying skin side down on filet board, I run filet knife between skin and meat leaving about 1/16" of the RED meat on skin, I understand it's the red meat that tastes strong. I just found that it was easier (and didn't lose as much meat) for me to remove skin off narrow filets (like a fish) than trying to manage to hold and slice the whole wing, and give me the right sized filets to cut up into smaller sections, depending on recipe. I rinsed filets well with fresh H2O and let drain well in a colander on plate in fridge till vacuum packing or cooking right away. Okay, this may be common practice, but since this is #1 for me it's all new. I thought about next time, a person could remove wings at pier, place em in a gunny sack or wire bait basket, etc, and lower into water to finish bleeding and keep fresh while continuing to fish or till ability to ice down. I think the bleeding, chilling, and rinsing helped a lot.

Another msg.

After filleting I rinsed meat and drained well in a colander set on plate in fridge over night. Sliced a couple of 2"x6" filet strips up into small pieces, about 1" sq., dipped pcs in "Wharf Style" batter and deep fried in a "Fry Daddy" till golden brown. Served with tartar sauce, lemon juice, "Ranch Dressing", as dipping sauces. WHEW! GET OUTA MY WAY! This stuff is GREAT! Yup, close your eyes and you got scallops or calamari, my wife loved it. Got some filet strips soaking in milk and a little salt (PFIC suggestion) overnight to see if it makes taste more mild. Don't know why on earth you'd need to because it's very mild as is. Gonna experiment with the rest of the filets and will letcha know how it goes. Since this was my first ray I experimented with different procedures to see which ones worked the best for me cleaning and filleting these guys, and came up with some good ideas that worked well for me. Let me know (e-mail) if you're interested and I'll explain. Out of a 33lb gross wt. ray I came out with 7 1/2 lbs of filets and that was harvesting every bit of meat I could get the point of my filet knife under.
See Ya,
Mike Spence/Santa

Like I said above this may not be new info to some, but if it helps, it's all good. :-)

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