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Not a big fan of the 7000c3

Posted by gyozadude
on Jul-27-04 4:32pm

(In reply to: one of Ron Arra's old faves... posted by scooterfish on Jul-27-04 12:30pm)

In that size range, I tend to favour Penn. The Jigmaster is stalwart, bulletproof, a cinch to mag, and never fails, IMO. I have a Tekota, Calcutta, Quantum Big Irons, yadi, yadi, but for $120 for the Abu 7000c3, I'm somewhat disappointed by it's performance. It's nothing like the feel of the smaller sized reels and it seems too nice and pricey to really deserve the type of trashing I'd dish out with a Penn.

For the bigger sized fishing for rays exclusively, I'd recommend the Jigmaster 500L as an entry level reel that's go. No bearings to muck around and lube all the time. No levelwind. Nothing. Just remember that for comfort get a casting rod with uplocking real seat and enjoy the comfort of gripping soft foregrip material while thumbing the line back and forth. Otherwise, be prepared to grip cold, stiff reelseat threads.

Redfish and I were talking about this at Berkeley, and he made a very astute comment about how I was using the two rigs that pretty much would cover any sportfishing situation at the Pier. One was a heavy 3-8 oz heaver rod with Jigmaster 500L. The other rig was a stiff med-fast action 8 1/2 ft salmon casting rod for 1/2 - 2oz and Abu 6500c3. Now if Red says that to you, you know you've got the right casting gear.

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