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names to go with faces ...

Posted by pierhead
on Jul-17-03 2:21pm

(In reply to: Re: A late Goleta summary... posted by gyozadude on Jul-17-03 8:51am)

... my elder sister is named Kathleen and she was recently wed to a very charming gentleman named Robert Sullivan ... the other members of her crew (purely voluntary on their part)were, from the extreme left in the group photo, my cousin Tom Allen and his family and next to him my cousin Jim Allen (the Jesse Ventura look a like) and his family.

The other gentleman you referred to is Fred Ledesma - one of the original Goleta Pier regulars. Fred is very soft-spoken but speaks with authority ... if he says the bite is over for the day then people start packing up to go home :) Fred was somewhat skeptical at first as were a number of other regulars about the idea of a get-together with people they didn't know ... but since there were 12 of them including Ranger Dave and the cook was one of their own they soon felt comfortable. Everyone one I've talked to so far plans on being there next year!


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