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Re: A late Goleta summary...

Posted by gyozadude
on Jul-17-03 8:51am

(In reply to: A late Goleta summary... posted by Ken Jones on Jul-17-03 6:38am)

Great summary Ken. I don't believe we should even try to top this event; too many factors combined that day to make things work, and it was mostly people, because I didn't meet a pier rat, or friend/relative of a pierrat that I didn't like. And did you see the clean up of Area D? By 3:15pm, that space looked as good as when I arrived. How many events do you go to where people pick up after themselves? It must be a Pier rat thing about picking up trash after yourself because even at company BBQs I organize, my fellow co-workers, all highly educated and well paid 'nice' people, mostly walk off and leave the place a mess. I'm usually packing my stuff and everyone elses for another hour and hauling it back. The Goleta event, no doubt, was attended by Pier Rats who are class acts!

Sorry, but I'm really bad with names, but, Pierhead's sister [firstname?] Sullivan, and her crew? She was there throughout the event and I believe much of the setup/tear down was her and her team's contribution.

And who was the middle aged, perhaps Hispanic gentleman that Don referred to for consulting on the heat? When the coals were getting low and I wanted to grill some chicken skewers and sausage, I was getting just a tiny bit stressed out over whether we needed to quickly throw more wood on the fire, he suggested we lower the grill (Gee, duhh, I felt stupid...). Judging from this gentleman's knowledge of heat and attentiveness to the fire throughout this event, I'd have to give him "props" as the "keeper of the flame." I truly learned a lot about quality fire for big outdoor BBQs on this trip.

"Yes - I can roll my own potsticker skins"

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