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BBQ Opaleye—

Posted by Ken Jones (Skipper - Posts: 11990)
on Jun-1-08 11:10am
(In reply to: It's an inbetween flavored fish... posted by Ken Jones on Jun-1-08 11:09am)

Posted by whiskerfish

In my opinion, opaleyes are best bbq whole. Because of their tough skin, they cook well over charcoal. First, gut the fish and clean out all gill parts. Remember to clean out the blood under the air bladder. Leave scales and fins on. Stuff two green onion bulbs into stomach cavity. Let charcoal burn till amber red and throw the whole fish in. (On the rack of course.) Cook until fins are burnt or until skin begins to crack and shrink. On the side, prepare chopped scallons and fry in olive oil until aroma begins to release. After removing fish from the bbq, peel skin and scale off (it should come off very easy), spread the olive/onion over the meat and sprinkle your favorite seasoning. My favorites are salt, pepper, lemon pepper, lemon, and chile powder (sparingly). Must be served right off the bbq.
Enjoy, WF

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