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Orange County Piers —

Posted by Ken Jones (Skipper - Posts: 11990)
on May-31-08 12:48pm
(In reply to: Last Pier Fishing Report (#125) for this board— posted by Ken Jones on May-31-08 12:47pm)

Orange County Piers —

San Clemente Pier — Sheryl, at Schleppy’s Bait and Tackle at the end of the pier, says an interesting mix of fish continue to show. Shark action continues strong with a 36-pound angel shark and a swell shark added to the recent hodgepodge of shark species (but no 7-gills or horn sharks this month). Several moray eels were landed this past week along with a 50-pound bat ray, some large leopard sharks, a smattering of shovelnose sharks (guitarfish), and fair numbers of sand bass, croakers and halibut. The mackerel have also begun to show up but not in big numbers as yet. things have heated up. How to Get There: From I-5 take any of several exit streets west to El Camino Real, follow it to the center of town, and from there take Del Mar down to the pier.

Dana Harbor Pier — No report this month. How To Get There: The pier is located in the Dana Cove Park area of Dana Point Harbor. From the Pacific Coast Highway take Green Lantern Road south to the harbor, turn left on Cove Road, and follow it to the pier.

Balboa Pier — Our reporter Snookie says, “I can just report for this last week since I've been out of state for a couple of weeks. It has been good for halibut. The bait situation is mostly smelt, but sometimes the sardines are around plus some small queenfish all of which are great bait for halibut. There has been several keepers caught by those that know how. Several big ones have been lost too. There was a 40 plus inch leopard shark caught. The weather has been awful, but at least the halibut didn't mind. It's stirring up their food supply. Ours too. The water has warmed to 66 degrees which is what we needed. If the rain quits, I look forward to this weeks fishing.” How To Get There: From the Pacific Coast Highway take Newport Blvd. which will turn into Balboa Blvd., follow it west to Palm Street. Turn right and follow it to the pier and the adjacent parking lot.

Newport Pier— Basically the same as Balboa. How To Get There: From the Pacific Coast Highway take the Newport Blvd. turnoff and proceed west watching for signs directing traffic to the pier. The pier sits at the foot of McFadden Place.

Huntington Beach Pier — Marion, at Let's Go Fishing (on the pier), says HB is seeing some BIG bat rays and leopard sharks along with more and more halibut. Perch, spotfin croakers and yellowfin croakers are available inshore while some mackerel are showing mid-pier to the end. How To Get There: Highway 1 (Pacific Coast Highway) to Huntington Beach and the pier.

Seal Beach Pier — Gary at Big Fish Bait & Tackle. 1780-C. Pacific Coast Hwy says it’s still croaker and perch inshore with some bass, sharks and rays out toward the end. Not much on top other than sporadic mackerel attacks. How To Get There: From the Pacific Coast Highway simply take Main St. west and follow it to the pier.

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