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Califonria fishing licenses—the beginning:

Posted by Ken Jones (Skipper - Posts: 11990)
on May-30-08 6:51pm

n 1913, the Anglers License Act made it a misdemeanor for any person over 18 years of age to take, catch, or kill any “game fish” for any purpose other than profit, without first purchasing a license. For purposes of the Act, “game fishes” did not include white seabass, but did include tuna; yellowtail; giant sea bass; albacore; barracuda; bonito; rock bass (kelp bass); California whiting (corbina); surf-fish; yellowfin croaker; spotfin croaker; salmon; steelhead; other trout; charr; white-fish (mountain whitefish); striped
bass; and black bass. White seabass was added to the list of “game fish” in 1937.

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