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Re: heading out to berkeley pier thursday

Posted by Red Fish (Posts: 5857)
on May-29-08 1:31pm
(In reply to: heading out to berkeley pier thursday posted by tommysaechao on May-29-08 1:20am)

Go to the "Old Site" below and scroll down the page to "Style and Technique."

Other than that, use squid and anchovy on hi/lo's (surf-leaders) and sliding weight rigs (bottom rig). About a 2/0 sharp octopus hook could take all...maybe 3 or 4 ought if you want to bump it up a bit. You can just use tied snelled hooks on the hi/lo leader if that makes things easier. Use weight (sinker) according to the gear you have. 3 or 4 ounces perhaps... Fresher the bait the better. Anchovy will take halibut, ray, whatever... squid will take ray/shark usually....

Link: Pages of Songslinger's Guide to Bay Area Fishing

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