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Re: Halibut line shy.. yay or nay???

Posted by kingjester13 (Posts: 15)
on May-23-08 1:25am
(In reply to: Halibut line shy.. yay or nay??? posted by buzzcatcher on May-20-08 10:13am)

Yes, they are... they are A sight feeder. plus a thicker line is tough for live bait to drag around. I know a guy that uses 2# test and has landed many a keeper. I like 6-12# test main line with a 8# test "Vanish" leader.
I'ev fished between two guys once that had the same bait(smelt) and they couldn't git bit, so they asked me what I was doing that they wern't ??? I showed them the small spool of Vanish florocarbon in my pocket, Its worth every penny in my book. Then again like any fish If hungry and your in the rite place at the rite time with the rite bait...FISH ON!!!

Tight Linez,

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