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There's always been a Batting Avg vs. HR debate...

Posted by Ken Jones (Skipper - Posts: 11990)
on May-21-08 5:27pm
(In reply to: Re: Green Pleasure Pier vs. Cabrillo Mole (stats) posted by gyozadude on May-21-08 8:37am)

and I imagine most prefer to see or experience the HR. However, I'm at a stage where I don't need the big fish or even lots of fish. What I would really like to see are some new or unusual species and that certainly is a possibility at either pier.

But that's not the point, these figures were intended to answer which venue offers up better fishing (and I realize most feel the Mole is better).

In my points system most bonito would be assigned 4 points (although a really big one would be assigned 10). Since most fishermen this year honed in solely on bonito their catch would represent the average hourly take for those fishermen. If we assumed an angler averaged two bonito an hour his/her average might be 8-20 points per hour. The average points per hour at the GPP for the past six years was 25.8 points per hour (which may have been twelve 2-point fish, six 4-point fish or a couple of bigger fish). We know from experience that in this case most of the fish are 2 or 4 point fish but having hooked large rays from the GPP, seen a giant sea bass each of the past three years, having seen what appeared to be a large angle shark each of the past two years, and having witnessed large schools of bonito crusin' next to the pier, it is certainly possible to catch large fish from the GPP. On this single issue, the GGP has proved to be more productive.

The flip side is the Mole's nearness to deeper water and the possibility of yellowtail, barracuda, bonito and other larger fish. To date much of this remains potential with the exception of the bonito. I imagine we probably need to make a fall visit sometime to really see what could be produced.

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