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Cabrillo Mole with honorable mention for GPP

Posted by baitfish (Posts: 6440)
on May-21-08 11:24am
(In reply to: Re: Green Pleasure Pier vs. Cabrillo Mole (stats) posted by gyozadude on May-21-08 8:37am)

I will never forget then ight I fished on the Green Pleasure Pier after one of the get togethers, I think it was 2002 or 2003 and I was getting a calico a cast on grubs. That was one of my favorite fishing moments from Catalina.

But for consistency, space, facilities and quality of fish I have to go with the Mole. There is no other pier that I can think of where you have a shot at such quality sized gamefish with such consistency in Southern California. Where else cna you have a serious shot at hooking into a Yellowtail and almost be certain to hook Bonito? legal calico bass are almost a given, baracudda are a possibility and the view is amazing. The only issue is the submarine and glass bottom boats. But other than that, I have to say it is my A #1 pier in all of CA.

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