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Good Consolidation Here

Posted by songslinger (Posts: 5755)
on May-21-08 10:05am
(In reply to: Re: Fishery Groups Intervene in Striped Bass Lawsu posted by gyozadude on May-21-08 9:15am)

Well organized, G-dude.

This is the key question:

"What is causing high salmon mortality out in the open ocean?

Whatever it is, it's relatively new. We've known about the gradual decline of salmon, but this demise is sudden. Pollution comes to mind, yet other species would be affected. Unless the salmon is now so pampered and fragile from hatchery life that its survival is problematic.

Aside from fishing interests, upstream water politics does not care about the salmon or the striped bass. It's about siphoning money out of delivery to the south. Also, the upstream plight of salmon is moot if they aren't even getting there.

The litigious spat that pits, as G-dude says, striper and salmon anglers against one another, is lame.

For NB:

"I wonder how much the "coalition" are getting from agricultural and recreational water interests down south."

Coalition for a Sustainable Delta is the agricultural interest down south. Look up Michael Boccadoro, its spokesman. Total agribusiness shill. Look up Paramount Farming as well as the Kern County agriculture personnel. You'll find that Paramount is behind the Coalition for a Sustainable Delta and that the so-called Committee for a Reliable Delta is run and bankrolled by the Kern County agribusinesses. The state water contractors are. for all intents and purposes, owned and operated by Big Farming in southern California.

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