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Not a bite, morning, noon, or night

Posted by gyozadude (Moderator - Posts: 5755)
on May-21-08 9:31am
(In reply to: Santa Cruz Boardwalk Pier...what's catching? posted by jettyjockey on May-20-08 12:18pm)

I went there a couple weekends ago, while attending the OpenSolaris summit at UCSC. The pinnipeds have really increased in numbers from 50 to about 200 total residents at the wharf.

Based on my estimates, these will extract 800 - 1200 lbs of fish around the pier a day. And they've been there now, for more than a couple of months. So pretty much the area around the wharf has been depleted. You'll observe more and more small seal groups take off at different times to head out to the kelp forests to feed where as a month or two ago, they would head parallel to the shore line with pups to feed in shallower waters.

So, while there's still a slim chance you may get some macks that move in temporarily, I'd not recommend it. The seals are really aggressive and take fish right off your line. If you plan to still fish, leave very loose drag or clicker on because if a fish hooks itself, it won't be too many seconds before a seal will take that morsel off your line, and leave either a bent hook, clean hook or no hook - or worse yet, the rod goes in the water. But I really think at this point, the powers that be should close the wharf to fishing until september due to the probability of hooking a pinniped as well as the lack of fish at the pier anyway.

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