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Re: Fishery Groups Intervene in Striped Bass Lawsu

Posted by gyozadude (Moderator - Posts: 5755)
on May-21-08 9:15am
(In reply to: Fishery Groups Intervene in Striped Bass Lawsuitó posted by Ken Jones on May-20-08 5:08pm)

I really don't understand how lawsuits will solve any problems until we find out the real cause of why salmon aren't surviving. There is no definitive science that tells us what is happening and it seems like the agencies that could and are responsible for studying the demise are focused where it seems politically expedient and not where the science points them to.

From what I can see, common sense and history tell us that pumping has been going on in the Delta for decades. It's not total flow diversion, but relative to the total flow of the river. In recent years, we had decent rains. We're coming again into a dry spell, but only this year. So if the theory is that pumping kills young fish, then why the rise in populations in early y2k+? We had 20+ mile long school of salmon back in 2004-5. What happened?

Next, we've had stripers and salmon coexist for more than a century. It's illogical to say the stripers and salmon can't co-exist and the court should just throw it out because of an enduring precendence that completely blows that accusation out of the water.

Many if not most salmon are hatchery based. They are released down in the delta, Vallejo or other location to bypass predation in the rivers and by pumps, etc. (only to have big stripers come in and take them during the release...) but even with predation, half or more than half of the many millions of hatchery salmon are reported to make it into SF Bay. So what happens to those that make it out? That's the big question. Not the pumping. What is causing high salmon mortality out in the open ocean?

The logical place to look for answers falls into several buckets, none of them having to do with pumping or water.

1. What is the actual survival rate of young salmon from hatcheries when released? (1 day, 5 days?, 1 yr? 4 year?). We need to be brutally honest. If DFG hatchery ops are producing genetically weak salmon, then we're in trouble. But better to find that out now than later.

2. What are the sink terms that consume salmon and how much? Humans, marine predators - broken down by family/genus/species? If that doesn't add up, what are other possibilities? Disease? Parasites? Starvation? We need to find out. Computing simple order-of-magnitude numbers can go a long way to eliminate some causes altogether so we aren't chasing red-herrings.

Once we find out more, then we can focus on the problems and try to address them rationally. Maybe a lawsuit is necessary then. But right now, to pit one group of anglers who like stripers versus friends of the Salmon, just doesn't make sense.

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