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Re: Green Pleasure Pier vs. Cabrillo Mole (stats)

Posted by gyozadude (Moderator - Posts: 5755)
on May-21-08 8:37am
(In reply to: Green Pleasure Pier vs. Cabrillo Mole (stats) posted by Ken Jones on May-20-08 6:21pm)

For the sport-angler looking to pick a fight, rather than fish or points per hour, would calories spent fighting fish with fish-on per hour or something similar be appropriate? I think using [fight] per [hour] would put the Mole on top.

Using points or fish per hour becomes more of a test of how fast one can re-bait their hooks, drop, catch, and then unhook and release the fish when clearly, the fish are abundant.

But with a system based on [fight]/[hr] then spending more effort to go after the big fish will yield more returns, especially since the fight of a single good sized fish can yield 10 minutes of pure exertion at 100% effort and 20 times the body mass of a little fish. Where as small fish may only require 10 seconds of exertion at 10% effort expended to land. Also, with human utility, rarely are people linear in their thinking. IMO, a 100 second fight with a 10 lb fish isn't just 10X better than a 10 second fight with a 1 lb fish. It's likely to be the highlight of a memorable trip.

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