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Green Pleasure Pier vs. Cabrillo Mole (stats)

Posted by Ken Jones (Skipper - Posts: 11990)
on May-20-08 6:21pm

I know this report will generate criticism. Someone is sure to comment about "all the little fish you catch at Catalina." So be it. The debate continues about which is the better spot to fish, the small pier in the bay, or the mole. There is NO doubt that because of the various additions added to the pier in the last decade that it no longer can handle a crowd, or that it would be nearly impossible to land a really big fish amidst all the ropes, boats and various appendages that adorn the pier. Of course it also isn't easy getting a big fish through the kelp at the mole. Nevertheless 30-40 people can fish comfortable at the mole while the pier can hardly handle a half dozen (one reason I hit it early and on weekdays if possible). But I have long contended that the pier area actually harbors as many fish, and as big of fish, as the mole. However, some fish, like opaleye, are harder to catch at the pier.

The following stats are taken from my catch during the PFIC/UPSAC gatherings at Catalina since 2002. They seem to show far more fish and almost as big of fish at the pier.

Green Pleasure Pier

Year Hours Fish/FPH Points/PPH

2002 18.00 141/7.83 321/17.8
2003 17.50 275/15.7 706/40.3
2004 18.75 264/14.1 521/27.8
2005 18.00 177/9.83 339/18.8
2006 18.00 199/11.1 440/24.4
2007 8.00 142/17.8 283/35.3
2008 9.50 78/8.21 166/17.5
Total/Avg.107.75 1276/11.8 2776/25.8

Avg. size fish (points) = 2.17
Species taken: kelp bass, halfmoon, rock wrasse, senorita, shinerperch, opaleye, Pacific mackerel, California sheephead, jack mackerel, blacksmith, California scorpionfish, sardine, garibaldi, jacksmelt, ocean whitefish, island surfperch. Additional—spiny lobster, spider crab and octopus.

Cabrillo Mole

Year Hours Fish/FPH Points/PPH

2002 2.00 12/6.00 21/10.5
2003 4.00 23/5.75 58/14.5
2004 9.50 56/5.89 141/14.8
2005 10.0 66/6.60 126/12.6
2006 12.00 44/3.67 108/9.00
2007 14.75 71/4.81 169/11.5
2008 20.25 103/5.08 233/11.5
Total/Avg.72.5 375/5.17 856/11.8

Avg. size fish (points) = 2.28
Species taken: kelp bass, giant kelpfish, senorita, striped kelpfish, rock wrasse, kelp perch, garibaldi, blacksmith, Pacific mackerel, California sheephead, jacksmelt, opaleye, halfmoon, treefish, California scorpionfish, crevice kelpfish, Pacific bonito, brown rockfish, kelp rockfish, rubberlip seaperch, Mexican scad and olive rockfish.

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