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Remember the PFIC All Star teams—

Posted by Ken Jones (Skipper - Posts: 11990)
on May-19-08 3:56pm

Date: July 13, 2004
To: PFIC Message Board
From: Ken Jones
Subject: IF we had a PFIC Fish All Star List...what fish...
would you include? Would you only include the usual big name species that are highlighted month after month in the magazines or something new?

Posted by donblaze420

Tugboat Charlie is on my "hit" list!

Posted by Red Fish

And, don't think I'm not going to bag him. For the SoCal'ers, Ole' Charlie is a 1200# white sturgeon that resides in the Carquinez Straits.

Posted by Ken Jones

Now Red, this isn't a fish story is it? Now that you mention it though I did hook something Sunday that I couldn’t turn. Of course I was using fairly light tackle. Even so, I've been able to catch some decent-sized fish including halibut, striped bass, etc. on the same outfit. Eight pound line and this fish wouldn't even slow down. Where? At Rio Vista.

Posted by Red Fish

Charlie uses 80# mono to floss with each morning. No story, although legendary, pure fact:

Posted by Red Fish

I thought you knew being a historian and all Ken?

Posted by eelmaster

My all star list would include:

pitcher- salmon (steelhead in the bullpen)
catcher- wolf eel
1st base- ling
2nd base- halibut
3rd base- cabezon
shortstop- fringehead
centerfield- striper
left field- leopard shark
right field- sturgeon

Posted by gyozadude

1. Albino Grass rockfish
2. Green sturgeon
3. Thresher shark over 7 feet
4. Bat ray over 100 lbs.
Not a glamorous list, but still something achievable and doable in my lifetime and from shore no less.

Posted by 2d

Not asking for much, huh, G-dude? Not only specifying species, but genetic makeup as well.

Posted by dompfa ben

PFIC Hall of Fame - Southern Division

The following fish would be All-Star class pier fish, and would provide a sporting rivalry for the Northern Division Team:
Spiny lobster: Manager, "Years of experience, used to dealing with bottom-feeders"
Bonito: Short stop, "The prettiest player on the field"
California Barracuda: Centerfield, "A toothy grin"
Spotfin Croaker: Right field, "Always knows the right spot"
Thresher Shark: First base, "Long tail great for stretches from the bag"
Bonefish: Second base, "Travelling in pairs, these guys can 'turn two' with the best of em"
Yellowtail: Left field, "Speed and Power"
White Sea Bass: Pitcher, "Coloration hides his two-seamer"
Corbina: Third Base, "Can really dig those hard grounders out of the sand...er, dirt"
Black Sea Bass Catcher, "The ultimate 'homeguard' fish"
Bring it on NorCal!!!!!!! Ben

Posted by garth

Farther southern division.... I cannot believe you wouldn't honor the feisty, skunk-breaking Bass in your lineup!
I'll take an all-bass outfield, my boys Cal, Spotty & Sandy, and Halibut at the plate. Who'd get within spitting distance of that mouth?
Around the horn we'd have the scorpionfish at third, the speedy jacksmelt at short, a smooth-fielding smoothhound at second, and a slick corbina at first. At least we agreed on ONE, though it was different positions.
I'd say the spotfin croakers would have to handle managing duties, and sargo at third base coach, because of their vocal natures.
We have a bat ray, veritable mitt that it is, playing backstop. Taking the mound would be the hard-charging corvina, with the barracuda in relief, and closing it out the elusive, deceptive bonefish.
Of course, you could always trade for Kevin Bass, Tim Salmon or Warren Karp, even though Karp was a political writer and not a ballplayer.
Lord I'm glad its almost vacation time, my brain's getting all mushy.

Posted by dompfa ben

What about Pee Wee Wrasse?
Ok, I deserve to be stoned for that one.

Posted by 2d

P Starry flounder-he's not a power pitcher, but a cagey old vet. he likes to "nibble" the corners and tease you with the possibilities.
C Cabezon (with monkeyface as a backup)-what do you want from a backstop? smarts? The cabby will steal your bat more often than not. If it gets hooked, it will find a rock to pin you down on and force you to break off. You want toughness? both the cabby and the monkeyface like to find hidey holes in the roughest sea conditions, then sit back and laugh at the waves
1b Old Mr. Sturgy-you want a stretch? These guys will stretch out to lengths you wouldn't believe. Also pack a big wallop for this power position
2b Pogie, aka black perch-fiesty player with great agility.
3b Lingcod-toothy critter will snare anything that gets near it, ala Brooks Robinson. Not fast or prone to go on long runs, but packs as much punch as Eddie Mathews or Matt Williams.
SS Striper-powerful, fast, great range, great looking.
RF Halibut-Not as pretty as the striper or as able to go on long runs as the bat ray, but the halibut will do enough to get the job done and surprise you in the process (ever see a school of them under (and over) a bait ball?).
CF BatRay-stong, powerful, great range, long runs. a five tooler.
LF Leopard Shark-not as powerful as its CF cousin, but pretty, and will deliver when it has to. often forgotten when out of the pen: smelt/kingfish-as a backup, they're always there and ready to go.

Posted by alabama

MANAGER---great white! patient...hardly ever loses
Soupfin---shortstop...lean and quick can cover second and third
Leopard shark---center field...can go wide left or right
Sturgeon---right field...can make the long run to the wall
Batray---first base...wide stance covers the bag
Smoothhound shark----second base...he's consistent and he's everywhere
Perch---left field...quick and consistent catches
Ling cod---pitcher...intimidating stare ..tireless
Anchovie---third base...small and quick...catches everything!
Striper---catcher...quick to snatch up those bad throws..
NOW...still wanna play????

Posted by alabama

pinch hitter
salmon---comes out ready to play...shows up when he needs to

Posted by garth

Cali spiny lobster? too easy...ugh

Posted by fatfish

Battle of the Bay
Sevengill shark
Bat ray
striped bass
leopard shark

Posted by baitfish

It would have to be:
20#+ Halibut
15#+ WSB
4#+ Corbina
8#+ Spotfin Croaker
3#+ Barred Surf Perch
4#+ Calico Bass
3#+ Spottie
2#+ Bonefish
And any sized Yellowtail!

Posted by plastik man

My All-Star list.....
1. 10lb+ Calico Bass from Newport Jetty
2. 25lb+ Halibut from the jetty
3. 8lb Corbina out of the surf
4. One of those Corvina Dompfa wishes "mysteriously" shows up in the Newport Bay
5. 6lb Spotted bay bass...they're there...I know it!!!

Posted by ob pier rat

1. yellowtail from a PIER
2. 4 lb+ opaleye
3. Black Sea Bass, photo'd and released of course! Wishful thinkin? Probably!

Posted by mel on May 14, 2007

A whole team full of sturgeon: Invincible. Nothing else would come close.

Posted by kcruise

A couple from Triple A as well—
Angel Shark... This big boy can cover a lot of ground.
Sargo... Don't let the size fool you, a quick hitter and fast around the bases.
Thornback... Always where you least expect them.
Corbina... Great hit and run player.
Jack Smelt... Little ball player. Plays the infield well.
Spider crabs, BTW, are football players. All over the other team. Kel

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