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Dodger Blue halibut team vs. Giant Orange

Posted by Ken Jones (Skipper - Posts: 11990)
on May-19-08 3:42pm

It would be interesting to have a halibut competition with three days of fishing at Berkeley, three days at Balboa, and both teams visiting both piers. Who would be on the north team—Slinger, Redfish, CalRat, Mel??
Who would be on the south team—Snookie, Dompfa Ben, Mola Joe??? Would the techniques from the south work in the north, would the northern techniques work in the south? I think they would; these are anglers.

To answer Boyd's question as to why the limit is five in the south and three in the north—maybe because it takes five southern halibut to equal the size of three SF halibut (they are the Giants, right?)

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