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strictly shore access

Posted by bcooney (Posts: 543)
on May-19-08 3:20pm
(In reply to: Rodea from pier or shore??? posted by goingfishin on May-19-08 11:12am)

Well, at least legally and safely. That said, there are three main spots in Rodeo to fish from, Hot Waters, which is north along the railroad tracks - hot waters name comes from the hot water exiting the refinery here.

There is also a spot behind the water treatment plant, to the left of hot waters as you are looking at the water- as you walk out here there if you fish straight ahead it is flat and fairly shallow- best fished mid to top of incoming tide. To the right it is a little deepeer, I try to cast out towards the hot water spot from here.

Back to the south there is a spot called lone tree point (at least I think that is what it is called), you have to walk a little farther, there is apoint here that most people fish from , a little farhter south is a big rock outcroping above the railroad tracks ana point that just out in the water- you can walk out pretty far at low tide and still reach some deeper water.

hope this helps- this area is kind of hard to just go to and find the spots, best to go with someone your first time.

Also- there are a lot of breakins here and I have gotten a ticket parking over by hot waters before.

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