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Fisherman Park / Show boat

Posted by vkfishers (Posts: 117)
on May-19-08 9:16am

Hit Fisherman Park and the showboat yesterday with a couple of co-workers to catch the morning high tide.

Fished from 8:30 until 1pm.
Bait: frozen anchovie and squid.

There were lots of crabs or small fishes that were constantly stealing our bait. We would cast out and no longer than 15 minutes, our bait was complete gone. I suspect they were jacksmelt, since the tip of the rod would jerk instead of a constant pull. Too bad we didn't have any small hooks to give it a shot. Went over to the showboat area around 11, but it was too windy and we decided to head back to fisherman park. Lots of people took up the corner and they were getting hook ups with a few small rays.

Total tally for the four of us was just one leopard shark about 20 inches on squid.

Maybe we'll try dumbarton next time.

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