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Re: We have discussed this in our Bay-Delta meetin

Posted by songslinger (Posts: 5755)
on May-18-08 7:04pm
(In reply to: We have discussed this in our Bay-Delta meetings.. posted by Ken Jones on May-18-08 1:30pm)

"My larger concern is that with the lack of salmon, decreased rockfish areas, and a possible decrease in stripers, the halibut are going to be hammered."

This concern is justified. It's already happening. In fact, I recently read that the party boat skippers are ignoring the smolt plants upriver (yay for that), saying that the price of fuel is not worth the trip when there are so many halibut available in the bays. Thing is, when you read the reported scores for the sportfishing boats, you notice right away that the ratio is less than two fish per customer. These boats are captained by some of the best pros in the business. Why aren't they all limiting out when the flatfish supply is so abundant? One reason is that there are considerably more vessels in the bay waters these days, both sportfishing and private. Yes, the salmon aficionados are here--nowhere else to go--and the rockfish people have to do something until June. So the halibut bounty is being shared. Smaller craft have the advantage because they can cover more area at a lesser fuel cost. These guys are getting limits.

I've also wondered why the halibut keep limit is more for the southerners. A cruel joke? Seems it should be the other way around. We have the San Francisco Bay and Monterey Bay, perfect, somewhat closed environments for halibut to spawn in packed aggregates. It seems much more spread out to the south. Personally I'd hate to see the limits raised up here.


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