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Posted by gyozadude (Moderator - Posts: 5755)
on May-18-08 9:36am
(In reply to: Berkeley?! posted by Red Fish on May-18-08 8:39am)

Boyd and his crew keeps the pier clean and inviting. The rest rooms are clean too for the most part. And most of the folks are just the friendliest folks around. And the morning and afternoon joggers... they don't carry mai-tais with little umbrellas, but they are friendly!

Man...Red.. that imagery would make for a great WaMu commercial - Woo hooo! (Free checking and ATMs with drinks on a platter service at Goleta?) I can buy the SoCal fanfare.

But the fish at Goleta are usually friendly and cooperative too.

I'd have to say that Santa Cruz Wharf may not have fish but they do have the friendliest crew of pinnipeds around that frolic, and display for the crowd, and parking is free until 10am so we can have drive-in fishing in the mornings. Restaurants, shops and even a small baitshop and rod rental and skiff rental spot. And early morning, we do get a lot of joggers that do the long haul down Bay st. from the campus and they all say, "Hi!" and ask what we're catching. Had some very physically fit gals stop by and notice my beautiful custom rods. They mentioned they were free diving not too far around the shore up north on Hwy 1 and came face-to-face with Bonito and WSB in a huge school some major number of years. Just a couple months ago, they encountered a huge whale not 50 yds from shore cruising by. Friendly? Yes!

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