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Thanks. Really informative report

Posted by gyozadude (Moderator - Posts: 5755)
on May-18-08 12:23am
(In reply to: Berkeley Pier - stripers and halis posted by calrat on May-17-08 11:02pm)

Congrats on the nice bounty.

Are folks getting live anchovies from the bait shop? Or are most catching their own bait?

Your note about night fishing for halibut makes me a believer. About this time last year, we had the MMGT and while packing up, past midnight, and more like 1am, I had been tossing in dried, dead baitfish from someone who had thrown a bait net and left them there on deck. On a whim, I decided to hook one on and just drop it over the side along with the dozens of other fish I'd already tossed back in. While loading my cart, the clicker went off. Never confirmed, but it sure felt like a hali with its tug-of-war style of fight. Also carolina rigging with a 2 oz egg sinker and 4 ft of leader, but drifted just over the rail about 1 ft off the bottom. Farmed it trying to horse it up on a batray stick with braid and 40 lb fl.carb. leader. Just too shocked to believe it could happen and the first one I've had on after dark.

I wonder if the halibut will stick around until middle of June. It seems like the run is a lot hotter this year and a bit later. If the run is still hot, then we might see some halibut at night. The MMGT was May 19th last year and I remember SSC catching one earlier in the day and saving it for later when he fileted and I sauteed it there with some lemon pepper and butter. No other spices like cilantro added. Of course we unofficially plan to keep the MMGT Cilantro-free again for this year.

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