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Berkeley Pier - stripers and halis

Posted by calrat (Posts: 810)
on May-17-08 11:02pm

Over the past few weeks, Julie and I have been fishing off and on targeting striped bass and halibut. It's been fun and we've had our share of fairly decent bites. We've been busy trying to squeeze in fishing while working so this report comes now.

They are biting at just about any tidal swing at both the slack lull as well as the middle of the tidal movement. They make no bones about coming in to feed at the top just as much as the bottom. Most recently, the average halibut sizes at Berkeley Pier have been ranging from 22 to 28 inches, but only two days ago, bigger 30+ inch fish have been reported by some of the regulars.

Live anchovies seem to be the trick along with the occasional shiner/smelt using the drift rig, the traditional bobber rig, the sliding sinker rig, and the carolina rig. The trend last year was the drift rig, but the sexy rig for this season seems to be the carolina rig with an approximately 2 to 2.5 foot leader. For beginners to halibut fishing, this rig is simple and effective.

Don't be afraid to fish in the evening. Julie recently hooked and landed a 34" halibut at approximately 9:30 p.m. The biggest halibut at BP last year that I saw was a monstrous 42" halibut that bit around 3 a.m. Certainly, the fish are relatively easier to catch with daylight, but they will bite into the night. Whether it's because of instinct, hunger, or both we don't know.

The weather out there in the past few days has been very warm with the unavoidable afternoon wind coming from the west. However, it dies down in the late afternoon/early evening to give you a beautiful sunset with perfect fishing conditions.

Good luck out there!

Note : The halibut "circle" was caught with Songslinger. BTW, he's been on a tear. The striper in that picture with all the halibut is also Slinger's. A few days later, I also caught a beautiful striper with the cleanest lines. Everything on live anchovies.

I hate cilantro.

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