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Lures at Balboa, 226 halibut, Chopper, etc.

Posted by Ken Jones (Skipper - Posts: 11990)
on May-17-08 11:33am

Date: February 2, 2001
To: PFIC Message Board
From: steve
Subject: Using plastics in Balboa.

Last night I caught 3 sculpin @ balboa on a swimbait. This is the first time I have caught fish (other than squid) on an artificial bait @ Balboa. Does anyone know if halibut will bite on artificial baits and if so what type? Also has anyone ever caught Sand or Calico bass @ Balboa Pier.

Posted by Leapin Bass

Halibut don't eat lures. Seriously, halibut are predators and therefore prefer something that is moving. Last year I caught 226 halibut, with 24 legals to 27 inches. All of them caught on lures (no bait, no smelly attractant stuff). Most of them caught in less than 6 feet of water and none in more than 20 feet of water.
You also don't need to go out of your way to keep the lure close to the bottom. It all depends on how they're feeding at that time. I've had halibut come up off the bottom in 15 - 20 feet of water to nail a shallow diving crankbait less than a foot below the surface.
Crankbaits are a little tough from a pier. Bouncing a plastic off the bottom is probably your best bet but occasionally try just steadily reeling it in at varying speeds (to keep it at different depths).

Posted by jason chin

226 halibut is a lot of butts! Did you mean 26? That's a lot of undersized fish. Isn't that something else though how they come up off the bottom like that. I've reeled up quite a ways (I swear one time like 25ft.) and got bit and could not believe it was a halibut. Guess it just depends how aggressive they want to take that bait. Lovin’ them butts. Can't wait till they start to go up here. Here you guys are having a derby down there too. Leapin' bass - if it is 226 buy your tickets now!!!!!!:) keep em bouncing on their heads!!!
Jason "Bayrunner" – out, MUDLINE

Posted by Songslinger

I have to say, I prefer halibut on the plug way over halibut on bait. I get a much better fight on artificials. (Catch more of them, too!) With bait, it's like I get the battle when the fish is already on the shore.

Posted by Scooterfish

SF Bay Colors? Interested in finding out the most popular (productive) swimbait colors and sizes for SF bay area halibut... Thanks in advance.. Scooterfish

Posted by Leapin Bass

A better question might be "what colors do you feel most confident using?"
Seriously, colors are not that important (other than for installing confidence in the fisherman). The typical formula is (Dark Conditions = Dark Colors, Light Conditions = Light Colors).
My favorites are Green Sardine, Channel Island Chovie, Rainbow Trout, and Keylime.

Posted by Leapin Bass

No it's 226. I primarily fish from my float tube in shallow water and in this area 10% seems the be the ratio of legals to shorts for everyone (except my brother who has caught a total of 3 with 2 legals).
I use pretty light gear so even the shorts are a lot of fun (6 - 8lb. in open water, 10 - 12 lb. around structure). Then when occasional legal seabass hits your in for a ride.

Posted by Leapin Bass

That's nothing...The guy primarily fish with got a little over 400 with about 37 or so legals. Again - all on artificials and most of them in very shallow water.

Posted by Red Fish

Oh, That's nothing...I have caught two keepers in two hours @ Berkeley Pier last year and went on to work after that. I know, no big deal.

Posted by jason chin

That sounds like a blast - I would love to go halibut fish off my float tube but don't know too many spots you can do this up here in the bay area. Never done it before but sounds like loads of fun. Congrats on the scores last year that's a whole lotta butts!!! Knock em out with what your bouncin...Jason "bayrunner", MUDLINE

Posted by Red Fish

You could probably do it in the Berkeley Flats...Oh also the Alameda Harbor. I have never seen anyone at Berkeley Pier do it although I have seen kayakers at Berkeley Pier. I only saw one fishing once though. I might be interested in kayak fishing around this area, although I think I rather fish in close with an aluminum boat and a 25 or 35 hp outboard engine
if I don't get my Montauk right now.
Fish On Jason!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Red Fish

Chopper and Tommy @ Berkeley Pier........have counted 50 keepr halibut a season on "live bait." EOM

Posted by fishsniffer

leapin bass, where do you live?

Posted by Leapin Bass

Santa Barbara. My local inshore fishing is done from East Beach in Santa Barbara up to Campus Point near U.C.S.B. There are a few spots slightly further north but I haven't ventured there yet. My main spots are near Stearn's Wharf, West side of Ledbetter Beach, East of Goleta Pier, West of Goleta Pier (where the cliffs begin), the cove of U.C.S.B. (from the west side of Goleta Beach to Campus Point).

Posted by Snookie

Using plastics in Balboa. Dear Steve, The rest have answered your lure question very well. Halibut if hungry will go for a moving object quite readily. Don't forget the good old standbys such as Kasmasters and GC lures.
As to Calicos and Sand bass, yes they are caught from Balboa pier periodically. My last calico was caught near the surf under the pier this fall. The sand bass have been caught that have been up to 8 pounds twice over the years. That is a big fish. Good luck, Snookie

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