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If treated properly they are DELICIOUS!

Posted by Santa (Posts: 371)
on May-13-08 8:29pm
(In reply to: eating bat rays posted by johnnyboy15 on May-12-08 11:35pm)

Can be easily fixed many different flavorful ways. My favorite is to just beer-batter and deep fry, tastes like scallops. E-mail me your snail mail address and I'll send you a CD I just finished producing on the interesting beast called Myliobatis Californica. It covers things like Spieces ID, Handling when C&R, Handling when C&Keep, Field dressing, Filleting, Packaging, and some recipes. I've given some to PFICers down south so they could give you an idea if it's useful.
Anybody want one of these just send me your Addy and $2.00 (if ya got it or don't need it for GAS money)for disc production costs and shipping (I don't make any $$$$ on these just covering costs) and I'll send ya one. BTW make sure you put BATRAY in the subject box when you send me ur request so my SPAM filter doesn't put it in trash.

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than on a street corner catching something else.
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If treated properly they are DELICIOUS!   Santa - May-13-08 8:29pm
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