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Re: eating bat rays

Posted by BLASTMASTER (Posts: 14)
on May-13-08 1:41pm
(In reply to: eating bat rays posted by johnnyboy15 on May-12-08 11:35pm)

I like them, the kids like them, but Mrs. Blastmaster says the eyes make her feel sorry for them so she won't eat them.

We bleed them out, and filet the wings. Be sure to cut away the dark part. I cut them into steak size and grill with garlic and butter. Sometimes I blacken them in a cast iron pan.

I think it might be the texture that some people either like or don't. They are a very firm fish, not flakey at all. The muscle grain is across the length of the filet, so it looks different. To me, the meat is more like a cross between shellfish and mammal, and not much like you would expect from a fish.

Our two boys target the rays because they like the taste so much.

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