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Berkeley Pier 3-10

Posted by drudown (Posts: 475)
on May-13-08 12:27am

Decided to wake up early for once and headed out to the bait receiver around 6am. The pier was pretty packed like pacifica during salmon season. My friends and I set up shop around mid pier and soaked our live chovies on Carolina rigs. Within the hour my friend gets a good pull down on his baitrunner, he sets the hook and fish on. The fish didn't fight too much and surfaced fairly quickly. Smoothly went into the net and we measured the beauty at 24." After that I decided to check my bait and notice slack, before I could crank again the fish decides to make 2 good runs. I manage to get the hali to surface and it looks to be 24-26" but fiesty as heck. My buddy tries to net it but the hali goes airborn and snaps my leader...I was so bummed, my first hali ever.. O well I'll get her next time. All of us rebait up after that and wait again. Thirty minutes later my buddy's pole goes bendo, he sets the hook and has a really good battle. The hali floats up and goes bezerk towards the pilings. My friend tightens his drag and pulls the hali near me as I net it. She turns out to be 30.5" with beautiful marble markings. P and I decide to plug for a while once we didn't have anymore hits. I tried a fishtrap while he wasing pluggin with his charteuse hairraisor. I was bouncing along the pilings and feel a fish on.. or so I thought. I keep pulling but feel dead weight, so I try to break the line when a piece of a pole and tackle box float up. P nets it eagerly and it turns out to be a shakespheare pole with an old school reel & an old school pole with a pirus shakespheare reel. The tackle box that was lodged into the butt of the pole had a lot of goodies inside including 2 shimano freshwater reels and a lot of useful weights. Oddly enough everything was in mint condition as it had just been freshly thrown in by an angry individual? It got really dead and windy after that so we pack up around 3pm. I lost my fish but atleast I came up on some good shark gear. My hali was hooked on a trolley rig but all others on a carolina. Much thanks to Redfish for your advice on hunthing these elusive beauties.


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