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Humboldt Bay--South Jetty

Posted by Clayman (Posts: 742)
on May-10-08 10:13pm

I hit the jetty from 10:30am to about 5pm today, fishing the last of the outgoing tide and through most of the incoming. Water was flat, and I mean FLAT: swells were non-existent. Weather was calm and overcast, vis was 7-8 feet (very clear for Humboldt), and everything looked perfect for rockfishing.

I mostly fished the last 1/4 of the jetty, throwing a combination of YUM Dingers, YUM creature baits, and my newly acquired Berkley Gulp! 5" jerkbaits. The bite was consistent throughout the day on kelp greenling and cabezon, but the black rockfish were completely absent. I didn't even see ONE black pulled up by anyone, and there were quite a few people out fishing. My total for the day was 5 kelp greenling, 5 cabezon (all shorties), 1 19" ling, 1 brown Irish Lord, and another personal best red Irish Lord (pic above) taping out to 15 inches! I was really stoked when I pulled him up because my Ichthyology professor at HSU wanted me to bring in a specimen of his favorite fish. Extra credit rules!

This was my first time trying the Berkley Gulp! series of baits, and oh man...they absolutely SLAY the greenling and cabbies. When the incoming tide was moving too fast to fish, I was just dipping the 5" jerkbait 'Sebastes2 Style' into the nooks and crannies on the jetty, and from every other hole I'd pull up either a pig greenling or a cabezon. They loved to just chomp down on that bait and not let go. The two Irish Lords fell to the Gulp!, along with 3 of the greenling and 4 of the cabbies. The ling hit a watermelon YUM creature bait. Saw a few other lings pulled up by other fishermen, mostly shorties but I did see one or two just-legal fish laying on the walkway.

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