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Shark Surfing?????

Posted by illcatchanything (Posts: 421)
on May-9-08 12:07pm

Not sure about this one......

Link: http://http://www.aol.com/redir.adp?_e_t=ap&_a

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Shark Surfing?????   illcatchanything - May-9-08 12:07pm
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I thought it looked staged as well.   illcatchanything - May-9-08 1:09pm
Well done   scooterfish - May-9-08 1:24pm
Good points all.   eelmaster - May-9-08 1:31pm
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Re: Shark Surfing?????   tinman - May-9-08 4:29pm
Remember when we would ask for a picture...   Ken Jones - May-11-08 6:23pm

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