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Dead Whale Found Floating Under SF Pier 27

Posted by paul_e_ester (Posts: 102)
on May-9-08 8:06am

A dead whale was discovered Thursday afternoon wedged underneath the southwest side of San Francisco's Pier 27.

The discovery came after a series of possible dead whale sightings by whalewatchers in the San Francisco Bay, particularly around the Angel Island area.

U.S. Coast Guard officials said the carcass found at Pier 27 appeared to be a baby whale, about 25 to 30 feet.

The Coast Guard said it was monitoring the situation, but did not elaborate on whether there were any plans to remove the dead whale.

It's hard to imagine how the whale ended up in the position it ended up in. It's too big to fit through the piers, so observers think it must have swam or floated in, and then got wedged in -- and either died because it got stuck or was dead when it floated in.

Link: cbs5

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