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GP reminder

Posted by pierhead (Posts: 2259)
on May-9-08 7:57am

Yesterday I noticed one of the long time GP regulars using a cast net in the Slough to catch smelt. When questioned he said he thought that as long as the net was under 30 inches it was legal.

I reminded him that no 'throw nets' may be used in Southern California south of Point Conception per section 28.80 of the regulations. I also noticed that he was not wearing his fishing license while obtaining the smelt nor did he release them when told he had obtained them illegally.

Just a reminder ... don't be tempted to build your reputation as a 'halibut king' by violating the regulations. This particular individual will receive no more publicity from myself as long as he is not in compliance with all applicable DFG laws.

Additionally I would encourage all GP posters not to feature any individual who doesn't play by the rules regardless of how impressive their catch. It is important that we all set an example for the younger anglers by fishing legally and ethically.

28.80. Dip Nets and Hawaiian Type Throw Nets. Dip nets of any size and baited hoop nets not greater than 36 inches in diameter may be used to take herring, Pacific staghorn sculpin, shiner
surfperch, surf smelt, topsmelt, anchovies, shrimp and squid. Hawaiian type throw nets may be used north of Point Conception [only]to take such species.

28.85. Beach Nets. Beach nets not over 20 feet in length with meshes at least 7/8 of an inch in length may be used to take surf smelt north of Point Conception [only].

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