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Redondo Muni. 5/8

Posted by mahigeer (Posts: 714)
on May-8-08 11:27pm

Arrived at the pier around 7:30PM. It was cold and a moderate wind was blowing. The water had moderate swells. The Mackerel run had stopped, but from the number of the fish that were being cleaned it looked like that there had been a good run earlier.

As I started to setup, there was a rumor of a big bat ray being hoisted up. Indeed this was a big one. It was put on a piece of card board to facilitate sliding it over to the cleaning station.
To insure that no one would hurt their back lifting it; two people lifted the fish on to the cleaning station.
No weighting was done but comparing to the Minnomagnet’s fish it seemed slightly smaller. More like Mel’s fish in the “event”.
The fish was cleaned and the main body was thrown back into the water where two seals started to have a fight over it.

Since there was no action to speak of, I mostly visited with friends rather than fish, and left around 10:00PM.

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