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Pier anglers with camerasórecycle bins

Posted by Ken Jones (Skipper - Posts: 11990)
on May-8-08 4:54pm

I received a note from Marty Golden at NOAA indicating that he needed a high quality picture to give to NOAA in regard to our recyscle program. I went through about 30 pictures I have of the bins but none meet his need: "The picture I am looking for would ideally include 1 or 2 anglers (identified by fishing pole in hand, etc.) placing mono (mono should be obvious) into a recycle bin - with the NOAA - UPSAC logo showing."

If anyone could send me a high quality picture as stated I will send it on to Marty. And it would be much appreciated. Location of bins on piers include Candlestick Piers, Oyster Point, Piller Point Pier, Pier 7, Pier 14, South Beach Marina Pier, Goleta, Malibu, Redondo Beach (2), Shelter Isaland, Embarcadero Marina, Coronado Ferry Landing, Bayside Park Pier, Pepper Park and Imperial Beach,

Thanks, Ken

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Pier anglers with camerasórecycle bins   Ken Jones - May-8-08 4:54pm
Will try for one this Saturday.   mahigeer - May-8-08 10:51pm

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