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Late report from Morro Bay

Posted by fishmom (Posts: 215)
on May-6-08 8:14pm

First, many thanks to those who offered suggestions in response to my previous post asking about current Morro Bay fishing. Much appreciated all around, especially all the resources included in frozendog's post. I hope some of the newer members took a look and bookmarked marked some of those websites.

Now the trip: As part of a family group, I knew I wouldn't be able to devote all my time to fishing, but staying near the beach made it possible to get in a couple of sessions. On Saturday morning, right at high tide, I started north of Morro Rock at a spot where a nice rip was flowing through the rough surf. On my way down to the beach, one of the guys working at the RV park told me that most people were going up to Cambria to surf fish, as it had been so slow locally. But on my third cast I hooked and released a nice calico, maybe 10 inches, and figured a great day was starting! Of course, then I spent the next two hours working my way north up the beach, casting at anything that looked like a hole, sandbar, rip, or any other anomaly in the wave patterns. I abandoned my standard 1 1/2" MORF grub for larger ones, different colors, different shapes--Nada.

Sunday morning the surf was raging, the result of howling winds Sat. afternoon. An hour's effort yielded nothing.

Monday the conditions were better, and the Captain and I drove up to Cayucos in the afternoon. There was a bait fisherman who had 3 huge calicos in his bucket, but we cast for a couple of hours at several different spots for no hits. The tide was low and the sun was high--not the best conditions, but there are plenty of sand crabs in the area.

I should have gone to Cambria or San Simeon, I guess--I always figure that if I'd done something different, things would have gone better. But we had some beautiful weather, and it's always great to walk some different beaches.

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