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Can the store clothing and designs be updated?

Posted by Mr. Pole Pack (Posts: 140)
on May-5-08 9:09am

The white tees have been up for years now. Can whoever runs the store post new designs and shirt colors? Check cafepress for more choices.

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Can the store clothing and designs be updated?   Mr. Pole Pack - May-5-08 9:09am
Maybe we could reintroduce the "pier rat" figure?   Ken Jones - May-5-08 3:30pm
Yes!!!   kcruise - May-5-08 8:07pm
I'd buy a pier rat t-shirt....   Mr. Pole Pack - May-5-08 10:13pm
Hats would be a good thing too...   kcruise - May-6-08 6:58am

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