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Scouting trip for the girls fishing clinic

Posted by gordo grande (Posts: 3434)
on May-4-08 9:07pm

I went to Dockweiler again this morning, scouting things out in anticipation of the kids fishing clinic Iím giving next weekend. Thanks again to those of you who volunteered to help out. Iíll be sending you all an e-mail in the next 24 hours giving you directions and any other info you might need.

It was high tide, but the surf was very heavy, and conditions didnít look good. I rigged up for perch, since thatís what the girls are going to be fishing for next week. In spite of the poor conditions I did start getting tapped after looking around for a bit. I eventually found a good hole that produced some good hits. I did beat the skunk with some beautiful BSPs.

After that I switched over to an X-rap and a Kastmaster hoping to find some butts, but it wasnít meant to be. I would have thrown a Lucky Craft, but there was a lot of salad in the water, and I figured it wasnít worth risking my best lures.



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