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GP 5-4-08

Posted by pierhead (Posts: 2259)
on May-4-08 1:08pm

Wind: From the South at 10 mph
Dew Point: 48F
Humidity: 64%
Visibility: 8.0 miles
Pressure: 29.88 inches and steady
Water Temp: 56 degrees
Air Temp: 65 degrees
High Tide: 9:50 AM 3.97 feet
Low Tide: 2:58 PM 1.21 feet

Took a mid-morning stroll on the pier this morning and noticed a group of anglers fielding a small halibut caught on a swim bait just behind the surfline ... fish brought over the railing and the obligatory pictures taken and then it was time for the fish to be released.

What happened next really pleased me ... the fish was put back in the landing net and gently lowered over the side :) After watching a short halibut being kicked back in the water yesterday it did my soul good to see how this morning's fish was handled.

In fact my friend and I were so impressed we walked over to congratulate the group ... turns out it was the Thresher Shark crew from Gaviota ... Kingfisher (Brian) and PolishFromThe Deep (Karl) along with another friend. WTG guys ... thanks for the touch of class you brought to Goleta this morning!

And it was great talking with you and getting your observations about the conditions at Goleta. Many of the issuess you brought up will be addressed, hopefully, by the Marine Center which looks to be on track for a June opening. Below is a link to a picture of Brian when he still had a full head of hair :)

Walking off the pier I noticed this gentleman returning from farther down the beach on the east side ... with a 26" halibut taken on a fish trap? Seeing more and more people fishing the beaches lately including a number of flyfisherman angling for perch.

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