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RIP PFIC brethren—

Posted by Ken Jones (Skipper - Posts: 11990)
on May-3-08 7:48pm

As posted below by SD fisherman, we have lost several of our regulars over the years. I think they deserve a place of honor in our archives. We have already made a list of most of Stan's posts and I'm doing the same with Muffdaddy. It will take a little additional time for those of Frenchy and Finprints. In the meantime, if anyone has a story or stories they would like to share feel free to share them on the board or send them to me: kenjones@pierfishing.com

(And though I realize some may criticize me for this, too bad.)

RIP PFIC brethren
Posted by sd fisherman on Mar-22-08 8:50pm

(In reply to: Tragic Accident. Berkeley Regular posted by skyhook on Mar-19-08 9:38pm)

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