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So how did you find out about pierfishing.com?

Posted by Ken Jones (Skipper - Posts: 11990)
on May-3-08 11:48am

Date: September 16, 2003
To: PFIC Message Board
From: pierhead
Subject: So how did you find out about pierfishing.com?

Thought it might be interesting to start a thread about how people found out about this site. I'll begin with my story...

Back in 1997 I decided that I wanted to write a book about the tradition of public fishing piers in California. I was especially interested in the old wooden piers. So many of those had been damaged in the El Nino storms of the '80's and 90's that it looked liked many municipalities were about to give up them. I wanted to document their history in the hopes that it would inspire people to work for their retention.
But first I checked the net to see if it had already been done and that's when I discovered Ken's book and site. What could I say - it HAD already been done and done better than I could have ever hoped to do. I emailed Ken a brief note and have been here (off and on) ever since :)
Thank you Ken for some of the most rewarding and enjoyable experiences I have had yet! I know there will be many, many more to come as well. Pierhead

Posted by kin

Surfing. Last year, I surfed the web for something about fishing, landed on the site, learned quite a lot about piers and fish, finally decided to join message board last month and I’m disappointed that i didn't do it earlier!!

Posted by gsxr750

I started pier fishing first after watching folks fishing on the little Redondo Sportfishing Pier while getting onto the 1/2-day boat. I looked like fun so I started taking my kids there. I got hooked, and then started searching the Web for more info. That's how I found this site. I go to this site every day now - it's a great site. I've learned so much here. I don't pier fish that often now - I got hooked on Surf fishing, but I still go every once in a while.
Thanks to Ken and everybody else who contributes to this community.

Posted by SD Fisherman

Just came across it one day. It seemed to have a friendly atmosphere and there was a lot of activity/replies when you posted a report. I fished Crystal a lot as a kid so the site definitely interested me. I usually fish a mix of Pier/Rocks/Jetties/Shore, so the fact that I can share all of these reports with everyone, and enjoy everyone else's reports/pics makes this site second to none. Great job Ken and Rich for a superb job! ~Don aka SDF~

Posted by corbinaman1

Found it web surfing under "fishing". I also post on Calfishing.com and Allcoast (Sport-fish-info.com) which I found on the web. Those sites seem to have more local (So. OC reports) at times, but the camaraderie and cohesiveness of this board is second to none. Enjoy Ken Jones' book Pier Fishing In California and re-read it from time to time. Also love “The Baja Catch” where I can live vicariously down there on fishing trips due to its detail

Posted by DOMPFA Ben

I posted a report about sculpin at Balboa years ago... Forgot about the site...
Searched my name in Good the other day, and found it again. Good to be back.

Posted by gordo grande

I bought the book several years ago...around 1996...then I stumbled upon this site about a year or two ago. I lurked for a few minutes, and then didn't come back for a while. Found it again while websurfing earlier this year, and got quickly hooked. I could kick myself for not getting involved the first time I was here. I used to fish once every month or two. Now I'm out there at least twice a week. Thank you Ken! Gordo Grande

Posted by Mikey

I actually bought the book nearly ten years ago at a local Big 5 store. I read it front to back many times, even highlighting the pictures of the fish at the end of the book I had caught from a pier. I found this site about four years ago, just surfing by - I forget exactly how I came across it. Either way, I'm glad I found it. Mike

Posted by nigeria butler

Sinker told me about web site.

Posted by dirthead

www.baytubers.com hooked me up with this site!

Posted by pEsCaDoR619

Can’t remember who was first...but it was either baitfish or fishin magician that turned me on to the site. When i first came on i had no clue what i was doing. I accredit AT LEAST 80% of what i know about fishing to this site. In a span of three years i went from fishing bluegill with a Kmart special with the drag buttoned down all the way to what I'm doing now...inshore/offshore/kayak/tube/fly/rodbuilding/flytying. Thanks guys... its all your fault =)

Posted by kds99

Search by “pier fishing” in Goggle...went to the piers in Orange County and saw people fishing. Thought it would be cool to get back into the sport. Went home and did a search on Goggle and I have been hooked since

Posted by highbeam

Me too!

Posted by Salty Nick

Looking for info....

Posted by graybeard

Web surfing, was looking for info on surf fishing as I wanted to try some around the rocks at Cambria, when the fishing slowed at Morro Bay or Pismo Pier. Still haven’t tried it yet, but the info on gear, bait, etc has been great. I still check the board at least twice a week, and was able to make the MMD2003 and Goleta. Was way cool to meet so many of the members. Thanks again Ken....

Posted by chuam

Stan the Man. I found out about this site from Stan. I met him my first time fishing in the bay from shore. He told me about this site and the rest is history. I've met a lot of good people here and made some great friendships.

Posted by Red Fish

Someone on 7th St. Pier about '97 or '98.

Posted by kcilp

I found out about it surfing around. An excellent site with a great group

Posted by ark on Sep-17-03 5:31am

Heard about Salmon fishing and Pacifica and did a search on the net. I lurked a lot on this site before I first posted. The rest is history and I can fish a lot better before I joined this site.

Posted by Songslinger

The Book. In the natural order of events, I had the excellent book first and when my family crawled out of the primitive murky abyss and finally bought a computer, it was a logical step to surf for fishing pages and find the site. There was nothing like it in Cyberspace.

Posted by OB Pier Rat

Did a web search for "OB Pier" back in 1998 when I got the new job in SD, just wanted to find out how the fishing was, landed at the “OB Pier” archive on the main site and was amazed at all the info about other piers, fish, tackle etc. Sent Ken a note saying how impressed I was and offered some OB Pier tips and he published it in his “Letters From” column on the main page. I credit that day with getting me back into pier fishing-thanks Ken!

Posted by mdong

Searching for info on Surf fishing & Barred Perch. I had fished off and on since childhood. Then a friend recently invited my Son and I Surf fishing. Fishing with my Son rekindled my interest. For me, fishing is much more enjoyable when you share it with someone! So I was searching the net for information about Surf fishing and Barred Perch when I found pierfishing.com

Posted by dunbarton dave

Someone mentioned it on the Fishsniffer web site. I haven't been back there since. dm

Posted by eelmaster

Rock Hopper. Dustin actually turned me on to this place.

Posted by cougar

Songslinger...As a rookie lollygagging around Berkeley Pier...ran into this grizzly veteran who instantly helped me out w/ my fishing...Then he mentioned the board and my learning curve was increased 10 fold...

Posted by Rock Hopper

Bought the Book First, then did an internet search for "Saltwater Fishing in CA" RöçK HňppéR – Thë J?††? Jůnk˘

Posted by pescare

Mis-typed a porn URL.

Posted by adr


Posted by pescare

Perfect! Good one!

Posted by gordo grande


Posted by Ken Jones

Oh my...

Posted by pierhead

The ambulance is on the way ... I think I hurt myself laughing :)

Posted by Sinker

Needed something fun to do at work. Did a search on fishing and came across this site. Got hooked and was on it all the time so they fired me from my job. Now I am broke and hungry but fish much better. Seriously, just surfing the web for fishing related info, lurked for about 6 months or so off and on then caught some weird crab and needed help identifying it so signed up as "T" and made my first post asking for help. 6 months to a year later I noticed I could not search for any of my posts because I didn't have enough characters in my name so switched to “SINKER” and that just kinda stuck the same way I stuck around here.

Posted by Jackel

Read the book and my uncle told me about it =)

Posted by sandtrout

I bought the book and later made the mental connection that Pierfishing might also be a pierfishing.com.

Posted by urge2fish

Reading old pierfishing book. I have an old book called Pier Fishing on San Francisco Bay by Mike Hayden copyright 1982 that I was reading but needed more updated information since some of the piers are no longer in use or bait/tackle shops are out of business that are mentioned in the book.
The book covered all piers on the S.F. peninsula, east and north bays,
Also Pacifica and Half Moon Bay. I went to the computer and just went to pier fishing and the rest is history.

Posted by ginkoz

I searched online for pier fishing tips. Pierfishing.com is the first site appeared on the search. And an Asian guy down at the Sierra Point also told me to check out this site for fishing reference.

Posted by guitarfish

Talking to the bartender.

Posted by Ken Jones

Sometimes it's best to view the messages after... a few drinks (stiff ones).

Posted by mel

Looking for tips on how to catch more fish...now after a year or 2, I'm catching more fish, and giving tips. Great site!

Posted by sharkshooter

Big Rich ran up to raysniper and I when we were fishing at Emeryville Point one night. b/c of his size and the way he just walked right up to us, of course our first thought was that he was going to kill us, but then he starting talking with us, and as anyone who knows Big Rich can tell you, all Big Rich wants to do is fish and make friends. He told us about a good spot to catch big leopard sharks, offered us hot links and coffee, and told us about pierfishing.com, and we've been catching more fish in more places ever since. Thanks Big Rich!

Posted by churros

I live in El Centro, about 120 miles from the ocean. Came to enjoy fishing Ocean Beach pier when I went to San Diego, after a couple of skunks, I watched and learned and caught. Still love macks, on the bobber, with 6 lb. line. Catch and release good times. Having to travel so far, I searched the internet for a pier report, found the site, was disappointed that the report section wasn't real current, but checked anyway before coming to town.
Then this summer I had the opportunity to spend several days at Morro Bay while dropping my kid off at Santa Cruz. In looking for data on fishing opportunities, I reunited with the pier report website, found the message board, joined and here we are. I've found that I can have more fun and excitement, as well as table food, on shore, on jetty, on pier, than on boat, for a lot less investment. Since then, I've built rod holders, gaffs, sand crab traps, and I'm looking into buying a shrimp suction tool, a bait net, and lobster trap...this is a blast, and the senior members are extremely helpful...thanks to Ken, songslinger, gordo grande, EddieE, sinker, pierhead and all the others teach by example. Tight lines guys, glad to be a part of it all.

Posted by gordo grande

I'm honored to be included with those names. You've included my name with some heavy duty folks there. Thanks, I'm honored. I still feel like a newby around here. gordo grande

Posted by Songslinger

Me Too!

Posted by Sinker

Slinger you and Ken are the Heavy Hitters; silly but I have to agree with gg

Posted by caffeinehigh

Online search. I got into fishing about 2 years ago. So I started to research everything I could learn about fishing, pier fishing...one of the searches linked me to pierfishing.com and let me tell ya, I've been here since then...sometimes once a day, sometimes 10 to 20 times a da...I keep coming back here to check for reports, new threads and everything :)

Posted by thecrw

Referred by another PFC member. Kaw! Kaw! Last year around this time I went to Cabo w/ my wife and went on a Marlin boat but ended up going after Dorado after the Marlin was not showing up. This reconnected me the joys of fishing. Then when cleaning up the basement of our bldg (which I manage) I found a box full of Marlboro miles which I traded in for a bunch of stuff and this included a 6' Procaster and Diawa reel. Started fishing Ft. Point Pier not really knowing what I was doing when Tom (can't remember his handle) told me about this site. Started reading and realized you sometimes have to travel to where the fish are. Got in on that AWESOME halibut run in Berkeley where I landed my first fish! ~Elric

Posted by anadromous

When I first moved to the Bay Area...I was looking for info on how and where to catch stripers. I did a search, and found that the site was full of info on not only NorCal, but also the SoCal spots I thought I already knew everything about.

Posted by prometheus

In the summer of 2000 I knew I was moving out to Davis for school (from central MN), and had two things to learn about the fishing situation and the snowboarding situation. I found this site searching Google for something like “shore fishing California” since I had no boat and a student budget.
I read a few articles and checked out the message board, the first message I remember reading was someone that caught a limit of leopard sharks near Golden Gate Fields. I got a cheap spinning combo at Wal-Mart for 36 bucks and went to Berkeley Pier around November, catching 2 small leopards on those curious circle hooks I'd read about. That report was my first post.

Posted by fishbud

A friend from work...One day my friend and I were sitting on our desks while on break and he mentioned about PFC web site. Started reading the messages and got hooked on it from there on. This web site got me started doing surf fishing once again due to the information about techniques and areas to fish. Thanks to several members who constantly post reports in my area.

Posted by Ken Jones

Pierhead's story sounds familiar...In the '80s I was living up in Boonville and had contemplated writing a book about pier fishing. I had pier fished since an early age and considered it then (and still do) my favorite form of saltwater fishing. Figured I would write a book about the Bay Area piers that I had fished so extensively in the '70s. But no, Mike Hayden had beaten me to the mark with his Bay Area book. I could have written another Bay Area book but that didn't seem to make any sense.
I gave up on the idea of a book for several years. BUT, I had lived and fished in the Orange County/LA area in the early '60s, lived and fished in the San Diego area during the mid and late '60s, lived and fished in the Bay Area in the '70s, and was now living and fishing in Northern California. I had fished on nearly every pier already and had kept records of all the pier fishing visits so (eventually) I figured I could give a fair treatment to the entire state. It gave me an excuse for more visits to the state's piers and soon the book began to dominate my free time. Continues to today -- although the PFIC site and UPSAC share the demand for time today.

Posted by bigfoot

URL Written on Note in Fortune Cookie.

Posted by Ken Jones

Stuffing those cookies and sneaking them in is an art form. Maybe we could advertise UPSAC in the same way?

Posted by blahblahblah

Put a shell to my ear on the beach and I heard... the shell say "www.pierfishing.com."

Posted by Rons Reel Repair

From the beginning we were selling The Book in our shop and in reading it. I had a question for Ken about Sand Crab Traps and sent him a letter. Boonville is fairly close to us and Ken was able to come down for a visit and a friendship began that led to us writing the Tackle Tips. When we retired we asked for a break of a couple of months for the tips, little did I know that I would very soon loose a wrestling match with a Ford Pickup. I can't get a proper computer hook up in Bodega Bay (they say I am to rural for DSL), so I only get to see the site when I am in Santa Rosa and it is a treat. I am always learning from it and I really like the good clean honest people who are here. Thanks, Ron

Posted by Gordo Grande

We are indebted for your expertise. Like many folks here, Ron, I have benefited from your expertise and advice. It's great to have you here. Sorry to hear about the Ford Pick-up. It's nice to have your involvement, even if it's only on an occasional basis. Gordo Grande

Posted by Innes

I found out from you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Support UPSAC! Help preserve pier and shore fishing in California.

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